Thomas Kent

Thomas Kent

Nigel Waller designed and manufactured his first Thomas Kent clock in 1980 and in the intervening years a great deal has been learned about what makes a truly great clock.

Like all the best designers, Nigel believes exploring the designs of the past is an important part of the design process. Over the years he has trawled flea markets, vintage stores and industrial salvage yards amassing a comprehensive collection of early and mid-twentieth century time pieces. Often these have provided early inspiration for a range.

The early inspiration then journeys from notebook sketches via computer aided design to 3D modelling. Balance, feel, size & shape are continually assessed and adjusted. Paint is hand mixed in a dizzying array of colours and shades until the perfect finish and combination is achieved.

But why, you might wonder, all the "blood, sweat & tears"? Well Nigel and his team believe clocks are so much more than just timepieces. They can breathe life into a room, adding drama interest & style.

The great Victorian designer, William Morris famously said: "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". Nigel's aim has always been to design clocks that realise both of these objectives.

Zany is proud to represent Thomas Kent in NZ. If you have a wholesale or trade enquiry regarding this range please call or email us.

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