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Make a date with your life!

Time management, Quo Vadis-style was born out of one man’s idea and inventiveness.

There was once a doctor from Marseille who was disappointed to be unable to find the perfect diary in the shops – one which would allow him to have a distinct overview of the week.

Dr Beltrami dreamed of a diary in which he could see his appointments, his to-do list, and his priorities for the week. In 1952, Dr Beltrami invented his own time management layout: the ’Agenda Planing ®’ giving him an instantaneous overall view of the week.

Dr Beltrami couldn’t have begun to imagine the significance his invention was going to have in our lives.

Laid out across two pages, designed with special areas for the day’s actions and notes, this diary allowed him a clear view, instantly. He had an A4-sized rubber stamp made, representing this time management. Every week he stamped a blank page, on which he noted down his appointments.

In 1954,Dr Beltrami gave up the practice of medicine to found Editions Quo Vadis, to design, manufacture and commercialize his invention – in France initially, and in other countries soon afterwards.

In 1962, along with the DS by Citroën and the IBM typewriter, the Quo Vadis diary was selected to receive a Prize of Honour as one of the greatest products of the 20th century in the Louvre Museum.

The importance of quality

The position of diary specialist Editions Quo Vadis in the premium stationery market has been cemented by developing products dedicated to the pleasure of writing.

The strong aesthetic appeal of the Quo Vadis range reinforces their role as “deeply personal products”

Editions Quo Vadis internally manages and controls every stage of the diary production process, from design right through to commercialization, so as to guarantee the quality of its products.

Editions Quo Vadis prints, fashions the book blocks and transforms the soft materials into covers, all at its factory in Carquefou, France.

Ever since 1954, the brand’s development – both in France and at international level – has always been founded on Quo Vadis savoir-faire.

  • ISO 14001 certification awarded assuring adherence to environmental regulations, together with policies of consistent improvement and pollution prevention.

  • PEFC- PEFC certification for the traceability of the paper chain. This assures that the forest from which the wood was taken obtained a sustainable management certification.

Thus, Quo Vadis becomes the first diary manufacturer certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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