Rhodia Touch Pad White Maya Cross'n'Dot - A5




For every art its paper, for each paper its subtlety!

Rhodia Touch is a collection of convenient books and sketchpads designed especially for calligraphers, urban sketchers, designers, architects and illustrators. We have always been experts in the art of papermaking, and it is precisely because they are crafted in our very own paper mills in France and the Netherlands, that Rhodia Touch articles will be favoured by all paper connoisseurs.

This range carries the hallmark of excellence, reflecting both our paper making expertise and the Clairefontaine brand’s proven track record and outstanding reputation in fine arts.

  • A5 size
  • 120g smooth white Maya® paper
  • Head stapled pad
  • Maya black 270g scored cover
  • Rhodia Touch logo embossed on front cover
  • 50 detachable microperforated sheets
  • Cross’n’dot ruling

An innovative, clean and refined ruling to combine the pleasure and ease of creation on a subtle lace alternating every 5 mm delicate small open crosses and small discreet dots.

The little extra: this graceful matrix can make itself almost imperceptible to the scanner, copier or when photographed or filmed.

Maya paper is smooth on both sides, is suited to detailed pencil, graph liners and nib drawings. Its tough surface make it resistant to scratches and erasing marks and also allows the ink to dry quickly.

Made by Clairefontaine of France