GrafBook 360° Raw Bound 100g Sketch - 11x17cm Landscape




Graf’Book 360° is your everyday companion! Its timeless look offers unique features that make it a book with multiple uses!

A 100gsm ultra white, super-smooth French milled paper for drawing, sketching and writing.Perfect for pen, pencil, marker and calligraphy inks. The paper is archival, pH neutral and sustainably made.

Its authentic stitch-bound, raw finish makes it ideal for sketching on the move, with a perfect flat opening or up to 360° for instant drawing. The strong, sewn spine enhances the look and ensures the GraF'Book 360° will lay completely flat.

With so many features, it’s an essential to carry with you all day!

11 x 17cm Landscape 100 Sheets.

Paper is produced in France. The item is assembled in Morocco for Clairefontaine.