Brown Kraft Paper Glued Pad - A3

$ 35.50


Kraft paper pad glued on top edge

This machine-glazed Kraft paper (one side smooth and shiny the other matt) has an attractive appearance. This ribbed (verge) paper is very similar to the Ingres and laid papers. It is made with long natural unbleached virgin fibers.

Widely used for quick sketching it is mainly aimed for dry techniques (charcoal, pencil, sanguine, pastels) but can also be used for the wet ones (ink, gouach and acrylic). Kraft paper is indeed very resistant and does not tear on wet technique. Approved by a large majority of students in art schools for its trendy, natural look and good price.

A3 (42x29.6cm) Bloc Pad

100 Sheets 90gsm Kraft Paper

Made in France by Clairefontaine.