Kings Sealing Wax with Wick - Midnight Blue

$ 13.90


These wax sticks with their own wicks where traditionally used to seal royal documents. J. Herbin sealing waxes take razor-sharp impressions and hold their sharpness through the years.

The wax used in these sticks is designed to harden brittle. In this way it can be used to seal documents and mark them as being unopened.

In a modern context, this means that this wax is not suitable for use on the items that will be sent through the post, as it will not survive the modern postal sorting machines.

For the sealing of posted material use the flexible wax option.

Price is for one box of 5 batons.

La Societe J. Herbin, Maitre Cirier a Paris, was established in 1670, and for generations people have used their traditional sealing wax. From Louis XIV to Coco Chanel, J Herbin wax is well known around the world as one of the highest quality sealing waxes ever made.

M. Herbin was a sailor, and from his many journeys to India he brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax. His special lacquer formula improved the quality of the seals in adhesion and neatness, helping him to become famous throughout the kingdom.

Then as today, sealing wax was used for documents and correspondence, but also in decoration and bottling.

Made in France by J. Herbin.