Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal - a simple story but always told with a twist!

Quirky and fun, uncomplicated yet exuberant, Mukul Goyal’s distinctive creative expression draws inspiration from everyday life, where
Mukul successfully walks the line between art and design; aesthetic and function.

With an electric milieu of inspirations and keen penchant for artistic interpretation, every product in the Mukul Goyal signature collection is a simple story told with a twist!

Mukul operates out of his studio cum workshop in Gurgaon, India while the signature Mukul Goyal range is available at stores across the world.

Designwise India was established by Mukul Goyal in 1998 to provide a channel to his creative pursuits. The company prides itself on the strong team comprising of designers, design sensitive technicians, a well equipped design studio, sampling facility and an organized production environment.

Mukul Goyal, the Principal Designer and Director of Designwise India started his life’s journey as an engineer at ITT Kanpur, where he studied metallurgy. He is a fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, London and an alumnus of the Domus Academy, Milan and the National Institute of Design, Ahemdabad.

The Mukul Goyal signature range of objects is now available in almost 30 countries around the world and sold through the finest gift stores.

His repertoire of design is full of objects for the home - table, living area, objects for lighting, home décor, functional products....

His inspirations are drawn from everyday life and his designs are a blend of traditional materials with contemporary expression, uncomplicated yet exuberant - a simple story but always told with a twist!

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